Providing a platform for young people to give their take.

Our Mission

Here at The Student Lens we want to provide a platform for young people to share their opinions on current events, culture and everything in-between. Our goal is two-fold: we want to offer a space for young people to write articles on what they think is important, and for The Student Lens to be a place where you can get clear and factual news. We are an online newspaper, written by young people, for young people. 

Who we are

We are a collective of young people who want to share our opinion on current affairs, culture and everything in-between.  We also want to provide a space to for your take, and an opportunity to amplify your views across the world. Whoever you are, wherever you're coming from, if you have an opinion we want to hear it. 

What we are

We are an online newspaper, written by young people, for young people. We want to be a credible news source for young people everywhere to hear about the stories that they think are important. We also want to be a place where young people around the world, who don't have access to a platform to share their views, can publish their opinion.   

''We are an online newspaper, written by young people, for young people''