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Cummings trip a ‘minor breach of regulations’

Dominic Cummings has been splashed over the front page’s since it broke that he and his family had travelled up to Durham to stay on his father’s farm during the lockdown. In a further development to the story, Durham police force have announced that Cummings’ trip to Barnard Castle on the 12th of April was a ‘minor breach of the regulations.’ They went on to say that had the police stopped Cummings on his family trip, they would have advised the Prime Minister’s chief of staff to return home and detailed to him 'the dangers of travelling during the pandemic crisis.'

This comes after a torrid week for Boris Johnson’s most senior aide, having faced calls to stand down from many in his own party, to the extent that a minister had stepped down due to Boris Johnson’s reluctance to get rid of his right-hand man.

With polls surfacing that state that the majority of people in Britain want Cummings to resign, it is unclear how the government will deal with the political fallout resulting from Cumming’s trip. There are also issues with regards to how much this will affect people’s compliance with distancing measures, with many people claiming it now seems like it is ‘one rule for them and another for us’. There is only one guarantee with this story: as much as the government may not have wanted it to, it has broken the Westminster bubble.

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