• macskyewalker

David Evans elected as General Secretary of the Labour Party

In a recent NEC election, David Evans was voted in as the new General Secretary of the Labour Party. Evans, who had previously been the Assistant General Secretary during the Blair years, was backed by what would normally be considered the ‘right’ of the party. Healso heralded support from the likes of Morgan McSweeney, Kier Starmer’s chief of staff. The vote was finely split between Evans and Byron Taylor, widely seen to be the choice of the Labour left, with Evans winning 20-16. Matt Wrack, the leader of the FBU, had described Evans as a ‘factional figure’ in the run up to election, echoing worries felt by many of the left of the party that Evan’s election will be seen as a victory for the right-factions of Labour. Whether this election will have any effects on the Party’s dealing with the anti-semitism crisis is yet to be seen, however it is a troubling time for any new General Secretary to come in, with Labour’s response to Coronavirus and its effects yet to be fully actualised.

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