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Government announces new strategy to tackle obesity in face of pandemic

The Government has announced a new strategy in an attempt to tackle the obesity crisis in England. Evidence has shown that obesity can create higher risks for COVID-19. Statistics show that nearly 8% of critically ill patients in intensive care with COVID-19 are morbidly obese, even though only 2.9% of the population are (GOV.UK). These measures include a ban on “buy one get one free” deals on unhealthy food, a ban on junk food adverts before the 9pm watershed, restrictions on where unhealthy foods can be promoted in-store and the calories within meals being shown on menus.

The government are calling the pandemic a ‘wake-up call’ to the problem of obesity and an overweight population, with 63% of adults, and 1/3 11-year-olds in England being overweight or obese. A 12-week plan is in place to help people lose weight, and GP’s are set to start prescribing cycling, as the government aim to provide more access to bikes.

Daisy O'Connor

IB sixth form student interested in biology, history, literature and social issues.

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