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Trump moves to pull the US out of the WHO

Donald Trump, the current American president, has formally moved to withdraw the US

from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The process to withdraw, which will take at

least a year, was confirmed by the spokesman for the UN-general secretary yesterday.

Trump has spoken repeatedly in recent months about his disapproval of the WHO. Back in

April, he stated America would halt its funding of the WHO unless it undertook ‘substantive

improvements’. Later, in May, he announced that the US would be terminating its

relationship with the WHO and redirecting its funds to other global public health charities.

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, Trump has criticised the WHO for allegedly being under

China’s control, whilst also frequently blaming China for the crisis itself.

This withdrawal will produce concerns within the WHO over its future, as America provides

it with £324 million, representing around 15% of its total budget. There are questions about,

if America is to actually withdraw next year, whether the WHO will have to scale back many

of its projects across the world.

Joe Biden, Trump’s competitor from the Democratic Party in the upcoming US elections, has

said that he will re-join the WHO on his ‘first day of [being] President’.

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